Watching is not seeing, dead girl

Game of thrones. Recaps and insights from an outsider.

Winter is coming (to get you)

Some hundreds of years and two to five realities away, there lay seven kingdoms of Westeros where A Song of Ice and Fire is sung and A Game of Thrones is played. And HBO TV series wants to show us how it all began…

Season 1, Episode 1 WINTER IS COMING

Three riders emerge on the screen and a sound of a single fly buzzing around their unwashed furs serves no less than a good special effect to show that we are in the times so long ago soap is apparently a luxury item there.

PETA people make a mental note to find out if a real fly was exploited at the time of filming and get busy with an angry video blog about the furs, but others are more facinated by the ice structure so big the riders themselves look like flies. It. Is. The. Wall. Like humans who do not use last names, The Wall does not need any adjectives for people to understand what they are talking about. It was built thousands of years ago to protect Westeros from all the enemies lurking in the deep North, even if right now it seems to be only the people called wildlings, whose only fault is to prefer something close to a democracy and not a monarchy.

The Wall is controlled by the Night’s Watch. It is manned mostly with thieves and murderers, who chose the Wall over prison, as well as literall bastards, but our three act just like innocent cheerleaders in a movie horroresque and as soon as they are deep in the woods decide to separate.

It is a fair enough warning for more sensitive viewers to cover their eyes just… about… NOW!

Tens of wildlings are dead, their bodies arranged into a shape of a diamond and it is so scary that the ranger does not stop to look for anyone to thank for his job being already done. He runs his cloak flapping in the wind as if he would fly if he could.

But as soon as he finds two other rangers, we get our first example that power in A Game of Thrones is not always in the right hands.

The one who is apparently too cool to even wear a hat/cap/whatever is in fashion at their times in this cold, is their leader too. And he basically starts threatening the other two, insists they all go back, tie their horses to a tree and stand there looking around. And it is clear that even if he would have a hat/cap/whatever is in fashion at their times, he will soon have nothing to wear it on.

Piercing blue eyes and a piercing sword. There could be a song here somwhere for The White Walker. Up till now there were only legends and people stopped believing they ever existed. Creatures seen only at the time of the most severe Winter that lasted a generation thousands of years ago, able to raise up the dead and send them against the living ones as the first ranger gets a chance to see for himself when a girl he has just witnessed dead appears standing in front of him. There is no one alive left for him to reproach with “I told you so!”, so he turns to run, he stumbles and we know that it is THE END of him too.

Or not.

Apparently no less than a dozen is needed to overpower him, because we cut to twelve or so men of the Night’s Watch apprehending their brother for desertion.  

But in other parts of the world life still goes on as usual and we cut to a promotional campaign against alcohol use with three boys shooting arrows at ale barrels. It is cleverly introduced as a simple archery lesson.

To be continued… Upon request.